US Rules when hiring a car

Car for hire companies around the world have different rules. So, if you are planning to hire a car for your personal trips as well as for your business trips, then the very first thing that you need to know is their rule. Sometimes, the rules in one company is not the same with the rules in another company, even if they are just in one state. What if you would like to travel to the United States, but you were coming from the Europe? You have to follow the rules in the United States and not the rules in Europe.

If it is not your first time to come to the United States and hire a car, then you must be familiar already with the rules there. But, as a first time customer of a car rental company in the United States, then you must know the rules and follow it. Failure to do this, will surely lead you to over charges. Of course, you would not like that to happen because your savings might just end up there. What do you think will happen to your credit card when this happens?

Driver’s License

It is very important for a potential client of a car hire company in the United States to have a driver’s license. And then, the bearer of this license must be 2 years old and above. There are those who accepts clients, whose age is 21, but they pay more.

His driver’s license must be issued in the country where they are currently residing. They have to make sure that the driver’s license is valid, which means that an expired driver’s license is not allowed.

There are also car hire companies in the United Stated, who are very strict with the driver’s license because they check your driving history. So, if you have violations, then this might be a reason for them to reject you.

Insurance Policy

There are car hire companies, who are very strict with the Insurance policy. They have to make sure that you and the rented car you will drive is covered. They will actually ask you to provide a proof of this insurance policy.

If you do not have one, then they will ask you to get one. But, in some cases, where they forgot to carry a copy of their insurance policy may ask a copy from the insurance company to send it to the car rental company.

Extra Charges

You have to be very careful in dealing with the car hire companies. Make sure that you understand their rules. You will be charged if you are going to return the car late. Anyway, they always have a grace period of one hour. So, you have to return it before that time.

You may also get charged if you are going to return the car with an empty fuel tank. This happens when the rule is to fill it up, but you just returned it empty. It will be more expensive to pay for the tank under the car hire companies, so make sure to fill it up first.

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