Our Terms and Policies

We would like to inform every reader and potential car hire clients out there that the Ability-Up Car Hire Information Blog is not accepting car hire clients, so we do not need any document, identification cards, credit card numbers, phone numbers and money transfers from you.

The AUCHI Blog is just a website blog providing information only. That is what we want to be very clear to avoid scamming incidents. We will not allow anybody to use our website blog in any illegal action. Anybody who is caught in such cases will be reported directly to the authority. We are not doing business here, but we are being honest and truthful to give help and not to let other people down or put into a burden.

The AUCHI blog only publishes true and reliable information about car hire services and companies. So, may I remind our article contributors, not to send us posts from other website blogs. Once you are caught copying, then we will remove you as a contributor.

We just want to maintain the authenticity and uniqueness of our content. Through this, we can avoid issues with other publishers or website blogs. Through this we can continue serving our valued readers.