Car Hire Rules in Canada

Every country has a rule to follow when it comes to car rentals. The policies as well as the services offered in one country or in one company is not always the same with other countries or companies. If you are planning to have a holiday or business trip in Canada and then, would like to hire a car, then you must comply with their rules. If not, then the car hire company will not allow you to hire a car from their company in Canada.

As a potential client, a car rental company cannot always agree with you because it is their rules that are always followed. That is actually a good thing because we must also check on the behavior as well as the discipline of the potential clients. A car rental company has the right to turn down clients, who cannot comply with their requirements and rules.

Age Requirement

A potential client must at least be 21 years of age. And then, he must have been holding his driver’s license for at least a year. There are always restrictions that vary, depending on the category of the car for hire as well as the supplier.

If a driver is 25 years old, he may be charged with a young driver surcharge. Those kids who weigh between 22 and 40 pounds should be secured and will be given a forward-facing seat for children. And then, whatever age you are, you need to put on your seatbelt.

Follow Traffic and Road Signs


  • Speed limits

In the city is 37 to 44mph or 60 to 70kph. While in the residential areas, it must be 25 to 30mph or 40 to 50kph. In two-lane highways, it must be 50mph or 80kph. And then, in a multi-lane highway, it must be 75mph or 120kph.

  • Gas

Gas stations are available 24 hours a day. They accept both credit cards and cash.

  • Tolls

There are only a few toll highways in the country.

  • Parking

You must avoid parking along the streets or else your rented car will be towed. Always look for the “P” sign for a safe parking.

Insurance Coverage

If you are going to hire a car in Canada, then you will be offered with fire as well as third party liability insurance policies. This includes damages to the car as well as injury to the people or the property outside of the hired vehicle. Just make sure that you have a credit card to avail the Car Insurance. It is also mandatory in Canada to offer theft and collision coverage. This insurance is not just for the security of the Car Hire Company, but also with the potential clients.

An optional Insurance coverage is also offered, such as protection for your belongings while you are hiring the car. Anyway, if there are other insurance coverage that you would like to avail, then it would be best for you to talk to the customer service of the car rental company in Canada because as I’ve said, rules in your locality or country is not always the same with the others.

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