Car Hire Policy and Limits

If you are going to rent a car, you should know enough information about their policies, rules and limits. Before agreeing and dealing with them that would be the very first things that you should ask. If you cannot comply with those important things, then you cannot hire a car from that particular company. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with inquiring before renting a car. That is your right as a potential customer. So, the car hire company should not mind if you ask such information.

Many car hire customers do not mind about asking important information from car hire companies. That is not a good habit, especially if you will always hire a car. Even if it is not your first time to rent, you still need to ask because car hire company policies and limits are sometimes different. Anyway, if you do not find time to inquire personally, then why don’t you try calling them or visiting their official websites, where you can send them messages or chat with their online customer service?

As a car rental customer, you have a lot of things to know regarding their policies, rules and limitations. So, we have here a few information for you to keep in mind.

Age Limit

How old are you now? Are you old enough to drive a car? You have to know the age limit that your car hire company is accepting. If you are too young, then the company might not allow you to rent a car from them. Most of the companies set age limits at 21. If you are a senior citizen, then you have to ask the company if they will allow you to drive and what certificate do they need for your age. Some of them will look for a health certificate that you are still fit and capable to drive.

Drivers License

Do you have a driver’s license? Make sure that it has not yet expired and it was released or received at least one year. And then, with the class of license you have, make sure that you are allowed to drive the car that you would like to hire. If not, then the authorities may catch you for not following the restriction codes.


You have to ask for identification cards or documents that the company needs for you to present. It is also important for you to bring an original copy of your proof of billing address that is valid and was issued previously. If you are coming from a different country or state, then you have to bring your passport.

Pick up and returning of car

This is a very important detail that must be very clear to you. Where are they going to send you the car or where will they pick you up? And then, keep in mind that you have to know also exactly when and where to return the car because you are late, then you are going to pay extra fees for that. So, you must also know how much they will charge for such cases.

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